Three Sad Words


How could this be??? I’ve been religious about changing Ravioli’s timing belts on schedule. My Montana mechanic, Heath, and his wife, Shelly, drove 35 miles from White Sulphur Springs to Martinsdale at 8 pm on a Monday evening to tow Ravioli into the shop. Talk about amazing service! I’m crossing my fingers and toes no other damage was done… and that my trusty steed can be restored to her old (“vintage” sounds better), yet dependable self.

DSCF1545Ravioli’s current odometer reading: 271,663 miles. But tonight, she gets a free ride off into the sunset.



5 thoughts on “Three Sad Words

  1. Hope you got very, very lucky, but this could get ugly…lots of moving parts don’t like it when that belt breaks. I’m glad someone else anthropromorphises their cars, if that’s a word. “Get Well Soon” to Ravioli.

  2. Yes, those moving parts worry me too. What a bummer! My mechanic should know more today. I’m just trying to remain optimistic for now. This car was in my family since it was brand new off the lot. I went with my Aunt Dot to pick it out in 1999, and then when she got a new CRV I bought it from her. It’s crazy how attached I am to it, but it has been perfect for me and my adventures.

  3. Oh no, hope it is just the belts and nothing else. My fingers are crossed and am glad you have back- up transportation!

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