Trust is…


… tying your broken-down Toyota Rav to the back of a kind stranger’s truck, and allowing him to drag you 13 miles back home. I was SO THANKFUL my Ravioli’s battery failed on a main road instead of the dozens of remote forest service roads I enjoy “getting lost on” every week. Billy saved me this morning by offering me a tow. But once we got rolling it was pretty scary driving with limited steering and brakes, especially since I was following way close to his rig. Billy knew what he was doing though, and I thank him for taking an hour out of his day to haul me and the four dogs safely back to Martinsdale. Tomorrow, I’ll drive my old Ford dog truck (a.k.a. the MOOSE) to White Sulphur Springs to pick up a new battery. I hope that vehicle makes it!

4 thoughts on “Trust is…

  1. Hate the way new generation batteries are good one minute, totally dead the next….no rrrrr-rrrrr-rrrrr warning the old ones used to give us. I assume you carry the basic survival needs when you go off the beaten path….dog food, snacks, etc. 😉

    1. Yes, we could have camped on the road for a few days at least. It’s a challenge hitchhiking with 4 dogs! Thankfully, I didn’t need to… in Montana everyone stops to check on you. I even had some cross-country cyclists offer assistance. Wasn’t quite sure how they could help until Billy, a local ranch hand, offered to tow me home. So he and the cyclists pushed my car back around towards home, we tied the vehicles together with a rope, and I said, “MUSH!”

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