Des Moines, IA to Wall, SD…

Saturday was a driving (and snoozing) day…

4 thoughts on “Des Moines, IA to Wall, SD…

    1. Yes… it is a long way! But knowing I can stop at Wall Drugs for one of their donuts keeps my foot on the pedal. I just love the Badlands too… my mom and I really enjoyed our time in South Dakota together. I am in MT now. Let’s meet up!

  1. Hi Karen,

    Glad to be hearing from you again and enjoying your writing! Are you heading back to Martinsdale or another spot in Big Sky Country? Happy trails!

    1. Hi Carl!
      Yes, I am back in Martinsdale now. If you’re over this way, I’d love to meet up. We could go to the Crazy Mountain Inn! Thanks for reading… : )

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