Introducing, “The Great Ravioli!”


Thanks, Doug!

Thanks, Doug!

I’m devoted to my 1999 Toyota Rav 4 (a.k.a. “Ravioli”). The vehicle — basically just a big dog crate on wheels — has delivered my string thousands of miles across this country. Yesterday morning after I stacked my belongings and 3 dogs in their usual places, I popped the hood for a quick check of the fluids. I was horrified to discover an empty coolant reservoir. WHAT NEXT? I thought, knowing better than to say it out loud — I didn’t really want an answer. I dialed up Ravioli’s “doctor” and, as always, he answered the phone. “What’s up?” Doug said, knowing I must be stuck somewhere with a sick car. When I’m broken-down on the road, Doug rescues me with his knowledge by phone; when I’m stalled-out in Indiana, he’ll come looking for me. Thankfully, yesterday I could drive the Ravioli straight to his house for a consult. It didn’t take him long to find the problem, mend it with radiator stop-leak, and send us on our way. As I merged onto Interstate 74 WEST, I glanced down at my odometer, catching the numbers as they rolled to 266000. I love my little Ravioli…

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