Karen Land
Indiana or Montana... or somewhere in-between

Bio: Karen Land is a writer, public speaker, and library-lover, giving Iditarod dog mushing presentations at schools and libraries across the country. To date, she has delivered over 1000 talks in 35 states. In the sport of mushing, a sled dog team is often referred to as a "string of dogs." Her current string is made up of an Alaskan husky named Noggin and a Corgi-Springer mix named Chloe. Join them on their adventures... Email Karen at mymusher at gmail.com

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Delighted to know you’re still up and taking nourishment…..was wondering what had become of you. So very sorry to learn about Borage, but a long relationship with a dog is one of the few things we have in life that’s worth the pain of losing it.

    1. Hello Galen… yes, I am still taking nourishment, but slow to recover after the loss of several loved ones in my life, including my devoted buddy, Borage. It’s been a rough few years. It’s funny though — thoughts of Borage and the joy we shared together rejuvenate me even though he’s no longer sleeping (on his back) at my feet. So I started this blog as a reminder to take joy in the small things… like warm feet. Hope you are well…

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