Where Have You Been?

The last 365 days with CHLOE and NOGGIN (and Philadelphia Phil, too!)…

… Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and West Virginia!

MUSH! Email us today to book a dog mushing talk at your library or school!

And check out some of our new MUSHING MUSIC—a Philadelphia Phil & Karen Land lyrical collaboration—at:

2 thoughts on “Where Have You Been?

  1. Karen,

    Love to see that you are still doing school visits!

    I retired from teaching six years ago, just a few weeks after you visited my school, Creekside Middle School, Carmel, IN.

    My students and I have many fond memories of your talks!

    Thanks for all you are doing to help dogsledding be accessible to students in the midwest.

    Your fan,



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