Back on the Trail

The LIBRARY TRAIL, that is : )

After almost 14 months away from in-person/in-dog library talks because of the pandemic, Noggin, Chloe, and I (all of us fully-vaccinated) are back at it! We gave a few warm-up talks in Indiana before we packed up our truck to spend several weeks on the road in Kansas for Tails and Tales Summer Reading. We had a such a fun time visiting with folks, seeing the sights, and checking out all of those great public libraries (16 total) across the state. We have missed you all! If you’re interested in an in-person/in-dog presentation for your school or library, email us now (mymusher @ to get on the schedule. And if you’re still Zooming, no worries, we do that, too! Here are a few shots from our road-trip adventures.

4 thoughts on “Back on the Trail

  1. Delighted that you got the band back together and went out on the road. Looks like a great time was had by all. We could have used you here in February for lectures on hypothermia avoidance, but the traveling is easier this time of year. Stay healthy and be happy.

    1. Although when we were in Kansas it was between 100-108 degrees the entire time! Thankfully the humidity was not high. Plus they’d had good rain earlier in the season so it was surprisingly green and beautiful. Great to hear from you! I hope all is well there

  2. Hi Karen! Just a note to introduce you to my favorite furry friend. I adopted her about a year ago. Best thing ever! She is 12 pound of feisty and love ❤️ Take care! Beth

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