Romano is Still Skyping…

IMG_0230 (1)

Romano might be pushing 15 years old but he’s still Skyping and loving it! This will be my 18th year presenting Iditarod talks at schools and public libraries across the country, and my third year giving presentations via Skype. Email Romano now at to reserve a date on his busy schedule…

2 thoughts on “Romano is Still Skyping…

  1. Karen,

    Hope all is well with you. As you may know, Sarah and I are now living in Chennai, India and she is teaching at the American International School Chennai. I forwarded this post of yours to Dan Love, the Curriculum Director, and he wants to forward it to the faculty! Hopefully you can engage at least one group here with a skype presentation!

    All Best,

    David M. Hassler, MFA


  2. Hello David,

    I had NO IDEA you were in India! HOW EXCITING! And, yes, that would be awesome to Skype with students there. It would be an adventure for us all! Please pass along my email as well if they want to talk directly. It is


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