Long may you run, my sweet Lolo

Lolo Land passed away in her sleep yesterday afternoon, March 16, 2016. Thank you, my perfect girl, for a wonderful, adventure-filled 16 years together. We had great fun right up until the end, didn’t we? We miss you… we’ll always love you… Romano, Jigs, Chloe, and Karen

5 thoughts on “Long may you run, my sweet Lolo

  1. So sorry. I know how much Lolo meant to you.

    David M. Hassler Bellwether Leadership Advisors “Guiding Leaders to New Heights of Success” 317-361-7851


  2. So sorry to hear of LoLo’s passing. You gave her a great, adventure filled life, and she gave one to you for a very long time. Hold on to the memories.

  3. Aww. So sorry Karen. Kipling said something like “in the end, the price of a good dog is a broken heart.” She will be with you.

  4. So sorry to hear this Karen. The beautiful pictures reveal that she had a perfect dog life with a perfect end. God bless.

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