Mushing Through Illinois


Yes, there is a student somewhere under that Trans-Alaskan suit…

Thank you to Kate Walters and her dad, and the staff and students of Meadowbrook Elementary School in Forrest, Illinois for making Romano and me feel right at home! We really enjoyed our afternoon “talking mushing” with you. The students were an engaged, well-prepared (they knew all of the answers!), and perfectly-behaved audience. It was a fun day.

The Iditarod Sled Dog Race begins Saturday, March 5, 2016. If your school or library is interested in an Iditarod presentation or Skype session, email me now to get on the 2016 schedule. MUSH!

Romano enjoying a free run through the beautiful local cemetery after the talk.

Romano enjoying a free run through the beautiful local cemetery after the talk.

6 thoughts on “Mushing Through Illinois

  1. Great to see a post from you…..wondered where you’d gotten off to. Delighted to see you’re out teaching kids about the Iditarod and the human/dog partnership. How’s the writing going?

  2. Hi Karen– Northside Middle School’s Trailblazer team wants to invite you and Romano back. Laura McCracken

    Sent from my brain.


  3. Hi Karen,

    So great to hear from you!! Love the photo of you, Romano, and “astronaut”!! Is that one of your dogs dressed up?!!

    I would assume life is going well for you — are you taking classes, writing, giving talks, going to Alaska in March for the Iditarod? Would love to hear what you are doing?

    My hiking life is on ‘“sabbatical” — has been for 7 weeks now as I fell while on a hike and broke my wrist badly — had surgery and 10 screws and 1 plate to fix all the pieces!! At least my friend and I had just finished summiting a 9000 + foot mountain — and I was on a flat surface when a cramp in my calf caused me to lose strength on my right side — and down I went. Luckily I am left handed!! I am also grateful that it wasn’t my hip, leg or ankle!!

    I think I mentioned that my daughter moved to Reno, Nevada — and misses Montana a great deal. Yesterday it snowed — a foot!— in Reno— and her dogs loved romping in the snow — they really loved Montana too! Her son is having lots of medical issues — so her life is full of stress — and I am glad they are only 2 hours away.

    Write when you have time!

    Happy Mushing Through Illinois, Sue

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