Remember, Karen…



My friend, Brenda, road-tripped with me and the four dogs to my first Iditarod talk of 2015. I hadn’t strapped a dog sled to the roof rack of my Toyota Rav (now at 290,000 miles) for many months. I told Brenda I was worried I’d forget it was up there and take out the overhang at a McDonald’s or Starbucks drive-thru, or pull into my garage late at night before remembering to take the sled off. So… Brenda, my ever-efficient friend, grabbed note paper from her handbag and wrote me a reminder. She didn’t have any tape in her purse (shocker!) but like the good Girl Scout she is, she had Band-Aids! This note has been stuck to my dashboard since January. My other friends make fun of me for it, but it HAS saved my expensive Iditarod dog sled on more than one occasion!




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