Running with Romano

It’s been a long while for us both. But, thankfully, dog mushing is like riding a bicycle (or a scooter)… you never forget!











7 thoughts on “Running with Romano

  1. ?Hi Karen,

    Are you doing presentations in libraries these days? Do you bring a dog?


    Gayle D. Edelen

    Children’s and Youth Services Librarian

    Dubois Branch Library

    5506 Main St.

    Dubois, IN

    812-678-2548 Ext. 4113


    1. Hi Gayle,
      How are you??? I hope all is well. Yes, I am just getting back into presentations. Borage passed away last winter so I stopped for awhile. I have a dog now, Romano, who I am just starting to bring into talks. I bring him in at the beginning of the talk and then take him out so he doesn’t have to spend the entire talk in the library. He gets hot! And I don’t want to stress him out… he is starting to realize being indoors is a good gig for treats though.

      Email me at if you want to talk more or set up a date.


  2. Great selfies on both subjects. Hittin’ the lecture circuit would probably be a good deal for all. Good luck if you decide to do it.

  3. Hi Kristi!

    Yes, he did. You really trained him well. He shocked me how good he was… very serious about pulling. He didn’t just trot either, he loped hard. He knew what he was doing… except for the small issue of wanting to stop suddenly to lift his leg on a bush. But when he got a bump in the rear from my tire because I couldn’t brake fast enough, he remembered, “Oh yeah, I can’t stop when I am a sled dog!” So he got serious again.

    He is such a good boy… thank you for sharing him with me. Hello to his brother, Whiz, for us. And the rest of the pack.


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