The Vintage Dog

Vintagehuntingdog 2

In honor of hunting season, here’s another vintage photograph from my collection.

Written on the back of this image (taken in “Italiana”) are the words: “dog and rifle.” 


2 thoughts on “The Vintage Dog

  1. Take it from a guy that knows, as soon as I saw this photo I thought of Italy. The gun is a side by side double shotgun, see the two barrels behind his ear?

    The jacket and tie are not unusual hunting togs between the wars in Italy, England or America.

    The Italians like to carry their shotguns with a sling over the shoulder, like we do a rifle. The dog looks to be some sort of spaniel, looking like a French Brittany that are getting popular in America these days. He looks well-bred. The thin string of the dogs leash is the curiosity to me?

    I’m taking my spaniel to church today to honor St. Francis. Maybe they are going hunting after church?

    1. Steven! I had a feeling YOU would like this one… a shotgun, a boy, and a spaniel! And I really appreciate your gun knowledge here… I wanted to know more about the photo. This one is for Stella… and her blessing today. Bless all of the animals today… and their caretakers too. THANKS 🙂

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