The Vintage Dog



I am a collector of vintage dog books and photographs. Since I arrived back in the city of Indianapolis, I’ve been having a difficult time walking four dogs on leashes and taking photos of our adventures all at the same time. So… sitting in my office yesterday, I looked up and saw some of my framed, antique images on the wall and hard-bound, first editions on the shelves and thought they might be interesting to share with fellow dog and history-lovers.

In 2005, I purchased this photograph at the wonderful Second Edition Bookstore ( in Butte, Montana. No information came with it other that a note penciled on the back reading, “Grandmom’s Dad,” which I assume correlates with the above the second man from the right. I love everything about this scene: the men and woman dressed up in old, yet formal garb posing on a snow-packed mountain somewhere at high elevation, and the dog handler kneeling below the group with a string of working dogs that appear to be maybe Samoyeds.

Who are these people? Exactly what is the breeding of these dogs and what are they being used for? Who is the one woman in the photo? Where did they come from? And where did they go after this photo was taken? Who is the photographer? And how did this photo get to a used bookstore in Butte, Montana and then end up in a writer’s suburban Indianapolis home? 

Life is a string ~~~ we are all connected.






4 thoughts on “The Vintage Dog

  1. Now you’ve got my curiosity peaked…..the photo has a distinctly European feel to it, although I’m not sure why. With so many immigrants in the old west, could have been taken in the Rockies, I guess. Love old photos but I wish people had labeled ’em better. Hint, hint for today’s photographers.

    1. Hi Galen!
      Glad you liked the photo. I love it. When I am spacing out in my office, just looking at the photo jump-starts my imagination. My Toyota Rav does the same thing for my imagination… I sometimes have to figure out what’s wrong with it, and how the heck am I going to get home/fix it!?!

  2. Hi Karen,

    No truer words were ever spoken! —— “Life is a string — we are all connected.” Wasn’t it John Muir who said — Everything is connected to one another (or similar words)!

    Thanks for all your string posts — I am enjoying each of them!


    1. Hi Sue!
      So glad to hear from you. I need to catch up on emails! I hope all is well with you. You mentioned awhile back Doug Swingley winning the Tevis. I know Doug well from mushing in Montana. And also from going to the endurance horse rides with my friend, Bill Miller. I went with him to the Tevis years back and helped him handle for his sister-in-law, Bobbie Pomroy. Bobbie has won the Western States in her division, and has been in the Tevis. Amazing people and animals!!! I hope you are getting to hike a lot this summer. I’ll email more soon : ) KL

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