What’s a bike lock?

DSCF1367TRUSTING YOUR NEIGHBOR… one of the many reasons I love small-town Montana.


Jigs wasn’t happy when I made him put out his cigar… AND wait in the car.

DSCF1363An early evening in Livingston, Montana — taking home organic baby kale, broccoli, sugar snap peas, Flathead cherries, and a bag of kettle corn for the drive back to Martinsdale.

3 thoughts on “What’s a bike lock?

  1. What’s a bike lock? How about we start with what’s a kickstand? Just askin’…..;) How are the bugs in the evenings up there?

  2. Yeah, some of the old-style cruiser bikes are pretty cute. Kickstands AND playing cards taped to the spokes… banana seats and big baskets. That’s my kind of bike! We’re doing okay bug-wise… I see those skeeters but honestly I haven’t had more than a couple bites. How’s the weather down your way???

  3. Only hit 100 once this year, and we’ve got a summer version of a blue norther coming…..highs Wednesday in the 60’s….loving this Oklahoma global warming. Been wet enough that West Nile is a worry, but so far very few cases reported

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