Running a (Very Remote) Red…

Is this a joke?

Is this a joke?

Until the other day, if I had to make a quick guess, I would have imagined the closest stoplight to be at least 80 miles from my home in Martinsdale… probably on a main street in Lewistown or Livingston. So a few night ago this random stoplight out in the middle of nowhere came as a surprise to me as I drove home from a hike with the dogs. I actually stopped and waited at the red light for 15 minutes (even snapped this photo through my bug-splattered windshield) until, finally, I started to feel a little bit silly sitting there all alone, not another human or vehicle in sight.Β Maybe I’m imaging things… I thought to myself. If someone waits at a red light in remote Montana for over 15 minutes, are they a bit dense? If someone runs a red light in remote Montana and nobody sees it, did it really happen?

(Answers: YES, NO)

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